Susan Keshet's drawings and paintings consist of a combination of jigsaw-like characters and curious landscapes.There is a surrealistic quality to her work, which is carefully staged and somewhat open-ended in meaning. Sometimes enigmatic , other times witty - her works display a dialogue with earlier art movements such as Dada, Surrealism and Pop Art.Underlying her compositions is a questioning narrative concerning our identity in an increasingly media driven and technological world.

'Comprising  hand drawn collages based on found imagery , my paintings often take the form of new and unique characters which seem to voice a silent opinion. Their gaze perhaps challenges the viewer to listen. In the series 'Assemblages ' , the characters depicted are composed of a compilation of parts which have broken free from the confines of the photo or media they were trapped inside - they have become something stronger - challenging the platform from which they were derived.' 

Works also in this series play on the traditional parlour game  played by the Surrealist's in the 1920s and 30s  . Disparate body parts were assembled to create strange new characters often depicted in what were considered to be fantastic imaginary worlds.

Here Keshet considers parallels with the creation of  self identity posted on various media platforms.The task of cherry picking one's qualities and features and piecing them together can create a disjunctive result. Creating one's profile in this way is perhaps akin to the fictitious and fanciful compositions created by and so enjoyed by the Surrealists. 

To date her practice has included curating and exhibiting in group shows.Her work is held in collections in the USA and UK.

She is currently exhibiting in part 2 of the group show 'This Year's Model' at Studio 1.1 , 57a Redchurch Street , London E2 7DJ  , 2-25 Feb 2018.  'Exhibit A ' at the Espacio Gallery 159 Bethnal Green Rd ,London from October 17-22 , London .Over the past 5 years her work has been included in the following:Platform 15 Leyden Gallery ,London July 2017  . F10:Reorientation at Gallery Lock in, Brighton and also in the Ship of Fools exhibition in St John's Church ,Brighton as part of the Brighton Festival 2017.She was a finalist in the East Sussex Open at the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne in July - Oct -2016.Also she was shortlisted for the Secret Art Prize , Curious Duke Gallery London August 2016 .She exhibited from her studio in Trafalgar Works Portslade - Open Studio April - May 2016.She was invited to exhibit at Gallery 31 , Brighton - Group Show - Jan - March 2016 .In 2015 she exhibited with  St Anne's Galleries, Lewes - Group Show Nov - Dec 2015 who also represented her at the Affordable Art Fairs London March & June 2015.She was shortlisted for the National Open Competition June 2014 and also the 20 Painters exhibition at Phoenix , Brighton in Jan 2014.In July 2013 she was shortlisted for the Threadneedle Prize and also participated in the Art Republic Award as one of the five finalists in June 2013.In May 2013 she exhibited in the Depositary Art Show in the Brighton Fringe and in May that year she was included in the Visions Art Show at the Art Shack , in Romney Marsh.In Jan 2012 she was selected for the exhibition 200 Voices by and in Nov 2011 she was selected for the Off-beige group show in Brighton.In May 2011 she took part and curated the group show Light Thickens at Vyner Street Gallery , London.In 2010 she exhibited at CompARTment Gallery Brighton and in May 2010 she Curated and exhibited in the Art and Pepper Show in Queens Park , Brighton.

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